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Preparing for an Oracle Certification Exam will assess & challenge your ability to think & perform. Earning a highly-recognized & valued Oracle Certification will improve your job prospects & job stability, accelerating your career growth.

The Oracle Certification Program features two levels of Oracle credentials in several disciplines, such as database administration and application development. From lowest to highest the 2 main levels of Oracle certification are Oracle Certified Associate (OCA), Oracle Certified Professional (OCP).

Beyond OCA, by becoming an Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) you demonstrate your understanding of the full range of skills required by Oracle professionals in your chosen job role. An OCP is in high demand in today’s marketplace.

Benefits of Oracle Certifications for Individuals:

  • added credibility
  • great job opportunities
  • Oracle certifications establish your competence in Oracle's widely respected database and business technologies.
  • Oracle certified IT professionals are among the highest paid employees in the IT industry.
  • Earning Oracle certifications proves to bosses that you're dedicated to advancing your IT career.
  • Gain a competitive advantage by developing a skill set that’s in demand, worldwide.

Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) - DBA 11g

OCA DBA is foundation level knowledge in the Oracle 11g Database Management System.

Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) certifications are designed for IT professionals beginning to work with Oracle technologies. The Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certified Associate (OCA DBA 11g) certificate is appropriate for junior-level database administrators that maintain an Oracle database or work on a team that manages the Oracle DBMS in a business environment.

OCA DBA 11g certification validates the fundamental skills needed to install, configure and maintain an Oracle database. Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certified Associates can also configure and manage the Oracle network environment.

Oracle Certified Professional - DBA 11g

Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certified Professionals have the skills and expertise to manage the Oracle 11g Database in an enterprise environment.

The OCP: Oracle Certified Professional credential validates the skills and experience required to manage, develop, or implement enterprise-wide databases, middleware or applications. The Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certified Professional (OCP DBA 11g) certificate is appropriate for mid to senior level Oracle database administrators. Certified professionals can install, configure, maintain, troubleshoot and backup & recovery an Oracle database. OCPs in Database 11g can also configure and manage the Oracle network environment.


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